Transforming Your Relationship with Money: Deconditioning & Alignment with Your Heart Center

Get your Transforming Your Relationship with Money: Deconditioning & Alignment with Your Heart Center!


Unlocking Wealth & Abundance


Are you constantly feeling undervalued and exhausted? This unique workshop, designed in collaboration with Human Design expert Sally Raines, will guide you to understand, decondition, and realign your ‘Heart Center’, leading you to a more fulfilled and abundant life.


This is suitable for anyone who feels undervalued, struggles with personal boundaries, or desires to connect deeply with their intrinsic power.


Unlock your unique power, learn about your Heart Center and how to use it to manifest resources.


  • Build confidence, discover how to set healthy boundaries and express your needs assertively.
  • Embrace abundance, turn personal challenges into stepping stones towards growth and balance.
  • Define what the Heart Center is, and explore its role in your life.
  • Engage in self-discovery to recognize your worth.
  • Learn how you can harness your will power.
  • Learn to turn obstacles into opportunities for personal growth.


By completing this workshop, you’ll appreciate your true self on a profound level, and realize that you have nothing to prove.


This transformative experience aims to lead you to a happier, more abundant, and balanced life.


Kickstart your journey by joining this workshop today. We’re looking forward to guiding you to rediscover and harness the power of your Heart Center!



The quickest deconditioning aid:  where you’ll dismantle blocks and install new beliefs around attracting abundance in about 90 minutes.



How you’re uniquely wired to attract abundance via your heart center – whether it’s defined or undefined.



  • Reframing Heart Center Shadows Transformational Therapy Meditation
  • Empowering Affirmations for Defined and Undefined Heart Center and Gates





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